Drone Upgrade and Build Services

Need help upgrading your firmware, adding an FPV modification or assembling a drone from components? We have you covered.

Our expert technicians can provide a full range of upgrade and build services. For standard services we offer a flat-rate simple.

Full List Of Our Services

Here’s a full list of drone services we curently offer. If there is a service that isn’t listed below that you would like us to add, feel free to let us know by email, phone or livechat! At DSLR Pros, Customer feedback is where we get our best ideas for product and service expansion. It’s our goal to fully support your drone business operation (or very cool hobby obssession). A majority of our services are available for a flat-rate fee. We believe in keeping it simple and being fully up front so our customers are never surprised.


Drone Firmware Upgrade Service

  •  Add this service to a new drone purchase and be ready to fly as soon as your drone arrives! The fastest way to get in the air. This also ensures your drone is in good working order before we ship.
  • Having trouble upgrading the firmware on your drone? No problem. Ship us your drone and pay for the firmware upgrade service. We’ll have your drone upgraded ans shipped back to you for an affordable fixed fee.


DSLRPROS FPV Pilots Camera Installation

  •  DSLRPros has always been the industry leader of FPV pilot camera integration onto virtually any platform with dual pilot configurations.
  • If you want a forward facing pilot camera for orientation on your Inspire 1, Matrice 100, or Matrice 600 then we have the solution for you.
  • This service covers the installation, configuration, setup, and testing of our DSLRPros FPV Pilots Camera on your Inspire 1, Matrice 100, or Matrice 600.


Matrice Professional Assembly And Testing Service

  • Let our expert team of drone technicians will assemble and fully test your Matrice 100 or Matrice 600.
  • Our experience allows us to quickly and professionally build your Matrice 100 or Matrice 600 to the very highest of standards.
  • This service covers the assembly, firmware update, activation, configuration, and testing of your Matrice series arcraft.


Guidance Installation And Testing Service

  •  We are experts at installing and configuring the DJI Guidance on any Matrice 100
  • This service covers the installation, firmware update, configuration, and testing of the DJI Guidance on your drone


D-RTK Professional Integration

  •  Integrating the D-RTK onto your Matrice 600 or any other platform running the DJI A3 flight controller is what we do.
  • This service covers the installation, firmware update, configuration, and testing of the D-RTK on your drone.


A3 Pro Installation And Configuration

  •  We have the expertise to upgrade your A3 flight controller to the triple redundancy of the A3 Pro no matter what drone you have.
  • This service covers the installation, firmware update, configuration, and testing of the A3 Pro on your drone.


Drone Propulsion Systems Maintenance Or Upgrade Service

  •  Believe it or not, electric brushless motors have a limited lifespan and should be routinely maintenanced.
  • Why settle for your standard factory installed motors when many drones are able to be upgraded to newer and more efficient propulsion systems.
  • This service covers the removal of your current motors and installation and testing of your choice of new motors on your drone.


Live Video Feed Integration For FPV Or Dual Pilot Installation

  • Let the professionals at DSLRPros design and integrate your live video streams configured to your exact specifications.
  • We can install and fully test any digital, analog, or combination video stream on your drone.
  • We can provide first person view for pilot orientation, live payload camera video feed to a single or dual operator setup, or provide multiple live video feeds from any combination of cameras and sensors.
  • This service covers the design, installation, integration, firmware update, and testing of your choice of live video feed options on your drone. 

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